What is Drifting?

What is Drifting?     Drifting is a high skill, high powered motorsport that calls for drivers to control a car while it slides sideways at high speeds through a marked course . It is judged on on LINE, ANGLE, SPEED, SHOW FACTOR, and SMOKE rather than just who finishes the course the fastest. It’s



Drivers: Faisal Saleh Al-Zaabi,   Born in 1989 in R.A.K – U.A.E, one of younger people in this sport. Started to drift when 17 years old. Have been competing in the drifting league since 2006. In 2007 subscribed to UMQ Motorplex drift Championship and got the 3rd place in the first champion in a specific


Who is X-Unit ?

    XUnit Team , based in U.A.E , has developed a reputation for drifting domestic vehicles. We have nearly six years of drifting drivers experience and more than five years experience in competitive motorsports. We have traveled around the country competing in drift events and give some show in one of the biggest motor

Top! X-Unit Racing Team 2015 | Inspired by Mohad Al-Naser
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